Smarttek vision - new brand & more


Smarttek was founded in 2016 as a restaurant automation and iiko representative in Latvia. The initial activity of the company consisted in the implementation of a restaurant automation system - accounting for the warehouse and cash desk; support of the cash system and warehouse program. To do this, we integrated iiko with the fiscal solution for Latvia and certified the cash system in VID, and Smarttek was registered as a servicing organization in VID.
As the number of clients grew, we began to introduce additional modules of the iiko system to our clients - orders from mobile terminals, online reporting to phones, delivery applications and loyalty systems. In the first 2 years, we acquired more than 50 companies, of which 10% were chains and 90% were single restaurants. For networks, we started implementing the iiko network configuration, which allows you to manage businesses of different concepts - combining everything into a single reporting and standardized system.
As the number of clients, employees and company turnover grew, we began work on automating internal processes - the introduction of CRM, ERP within the company. All new clients are a large part of the recommendations of our clients - after all, they are our value.
In 2022, we began a complete reorganization of the company for a number of reasons - new services began to appear (accounting outsourcing, IT network support, bank terminals, electronic order platform); our clients indicated their current problems in the work - we tried to solve them; general automation of internal processes was carried out - in order to reduce the costs of supporting and implementing solutions.
The goal for 2022 is a complete rebranding of activities and the start of active sales of the new version of Syrve - with a cloud office, sales forecast and mobile inventory. Our clients now use our services and products only by 30% - our main task is to increase this percentage to 80%. For this, contracts were concluded with solution providers - PAYNT, QIKSERVE, LOYALTYPLANT, COREX MARKET.
This marketing plan indicates a path for growing company to external markets with larger solution assortiment.

Smarttek new positioning

Smarttek is a system integrator that performs business processes management and delivers appropriate IT solution/process management for achieving customer goals in sales management, stock management, finance management, customer loyalty, IT security, delivery automation, ordering automation, fraud prevention, staff management, data export/imports, efficiency management solutions. We provide our customers with valuable - services (consulting, auditing and education), hardware (POS, bank terminals, network hardware, other devices), software (own development, partners software configured fitting customer needs).
At FoodFair 2022 Smarttek demonstrates its new web platform CorexMarket -  marketplace that connects suppliers and businesses.