A QR code menu that allows to order and pay.
All of them have integrations with POS systems, so there's no need for extra apps or equipment.
The easiest way to access digital menu
The easiest way to order & pay
The easiest way to split the bill & pay
The easiest way to say thank you
Greet offers 4 products that improve service in the hospitality industry allowing visitors to fully enjoy their experience.
ORDER & PAY - the easiest way to place an order and pay for it.
Visitors can check the digital menu, place their preferred orders, and pay once they are ready by simply scanning the QR code.
  • Smooth integration with your POS system.
  • Efficiency during peak hours.
  • Higher average spend.
Pay & Go - solution that allows easily pay & split the bill by simply scanning the QR code.
Easy splitting even for the companies. Everyone can simply choose what they want to pay for on their own phone. No more hassle of doing extra calculations.
  • Faster table turnover.
  • Data in real-time.
  • Adapted to everyone's wallet.
GREET MENU - a smarter digital menu easily accessible on every phone.
Customers can open the digital menu with a QR code. It's a perfect solution for both customers and restaurants, as the menu can be easily customized with just one click.
  • Can be translated into all languages ​​of the world.
  • Menu automation.
  • No printing costs.
  • Combinations of dishes.
Greet Tips - the easiest way to tip without cash.
With Greet guests can tip waiters, bartenders, and kitchen staff without cash just by scanning the QR code.
  • Individual tipping.
  • Notifications about received tips.
CONVENIENT for everyone
We offer various payment options. Everyone has their own tastes and habits.
Trusted by 100+ leading hospitality brands
FEW WORDS from our clients
Greet Order & Pay allows us to work more effectively! It especially helps during the busiest summer nights. Staff can serve more tables and guests need to wait less. Also, the staff collects more tips than usual. Everyone is happy!
Iešmas ir Ližė restaurant manager
A QR code menu that allows to order and pay.