Mobile order & menu
Enhancing POS functions with mobile ordering options along with QR or web menu is important for lowering staff costs and greater user experience
Technology is moving forward traditional ordering process to digital with mobile applications and web based menu, that can be easily implemented into restaurant ecosystem by QR orders from tables, web or app orders for dine-in, delivery or takeaway.
  • QR order & pay
    Easy order taking and paying without waiter, lightweight solutions
  • Digital tips
    Build-in tipping procedures, let guests choose tips on the flow
  • QR menu & reviews
    Easily have reviews for your business and get in touch with guests
  • POS integrations
    Orders get injected into POS with transparent and easy process for staff
Mobile orders streamline process
Staff serves customer at till and QR menu at tables gives guests an option to create order in fast and secure way:
  • Menu management - Synchronise menu with POS and get updated stop-lists and allergens on the flow
  • Payments - Enable customers to settle their bills conveniently and securely when ready
  • Mobile orders - Remove the need for your staff to be running between tables and till
  • Order & Pay - easy and secure way to view order details and pay without staff and pre-cheque printing
  • Reviews - enable guests to share their visiting experience and rating directly to order or waiter
  • Digital tips - fast and secure tips collections directly to staff account, eliminating employer intervention
Benefits for your business
  • Limit your staff salary costs
  • Fraud limitation with online payment
  • Automatic order injection into POS
  • Lightweight and no-staff operations
  • Low commission on payments
  • Transparent stop-list & menu management
Smarttek solutions
  • Platforms accessibility anywhere at anytime.
  • Remote problem solving
  • Consultation of best solution for particular partner
  • Innovative integration and data protection.
Mobile Order & Menu products
Quickest way to order and pay at restaurant - innovative web ordering, tipping, bill splitting, QR menu generation and reviews solutions with Syrve POS integration option for quick sales boost.
Restaurant self-ordering system for smooth service - use DSERVE on iPads, traditional KIOSK hardware with add-on - MENU TV, order monitoring, customer satisfaction tablet. ERP integration options.
Gateway to seamless dining - Pay at the table, Order & Pay, Digital QR menu and Tips, get quicker table rotation, happier customers and increased sales. Order and payment integrated with Syrve POS.
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