Outsourcing is used to handle stock management operations on the company’s behalf. Outsourcing team helps our customers focus on daily tasks and ensures all business data is correct and available.
Our Team
Smarttek outsource specialists are experts in the hospitality field. Team members have experience in outsourcing for night clubs, restaurant chains, bars and dark kitchens. Our customers value external control they gain working together. This enables them to focus on sales to stay ahead of their competitors.
Types of outsourcing services provided:
Smarttek team provides variety of outsourcing services to deliver above-market growth in hospitality industry. The outsourcing services include:
Outsourcing stock management can be an effective way for businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

By partnering with Smarttek businesses receive:
  • precisedaily reports about stock level and costs
  • incoming invoice and write-off input
  • staff management for inventory, input & control
  • monthly PnL reports
By outsourcing the management of their inventory, businesses can free up time and resources to focus business financial goals

Smarttek focuses on your needs
  1. We sell hardware, software, networking and security solutions, providing businesses with everything they need to keep their technology running smoothly.
  2. We provide expertise and experience that help businesses overcome technology challenges.
  3. Smarttek performs IT support, monitoring and maintainance
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