Processing of VISA/MasterCard is important for every business to get instant sale both in B2B and B2C. eCommerce innovation solution combined with POS payments align processes to fit business needs
When business sells services or products directly to another business (B2B), payment infrastructure plays big role, while several parties are involved. Managing payments includes: invoicing, direct SEPA payments, subscription management and automatic payment processing.
Payment options for B2B
Business issues invoice with payment period and due date, responsible person logs into bank account and creates a payment for all issued invoices.

Payment task can be imported directly to bank, that creates efficient and precise processing and due payments control.
Smarttek team evaluates processes and select appropriate solutions for every business. Some application offer both pay with a card or bank transfer payments, so business can choose any of them and switch when necessary.
A transaction between a merchant and an individual for the exchange of goods or services (B2C).
Depending on platform, terms, amounts, frequency, business administration considers what payment provider and payment processing tool to implement for collecting money from customers.
Payment processing B2C done via
  • Bank payment provider

    Bank usually provide e-commerce processing, rarely - POS terminal processing
  • Bank authorized payment provider
    Provides usually POS terminal processing
  • Acquiring payment provider

    Provides both POS terminal processing and ecommerce
Payment processing tools:
  • POS Terminals
    Smarttek provides integrated or standalone Android based POS terminals for collecting payments with cards. After providing all necessary documents, POS terminal can be installed within 1-2 days.
  • Web or mobile ecommerce
    Process requires integration with payment gateway. After signing agreement our customer get sandbox to develop their product. We provide web monitoring and reporting tools for payments for control in real time.
Commission costs (IC++ or fixed rate) and transaction costs (0.01 - 0.05 EUR per transaction) are applied. Important is processing security, mulichannel option and payment frequency. Some payment providers have specific limitation for payments from different geographic regions.
Paynt payments gives you
  • Price flexibility based on turnover;
  • Multi-data connectivity and omni-channels;
  • Security for fraud prevention;
  • Electronic invoices, direct banking, card processing;
  • Advanced reporting and web analytic tools
  • Immediate funds availability.
Smarttek focuses on your needs
  • Eliminates unnecessary fees during payment processing.
  • Streamline payment information for quicker processes.
  • Select an appropriate payment gateway.
  • Provides payment processing visibility and synchronisation with accounting or Business Intelligence systems.
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