Connected data
Eliminate unwanted costs by creating one single data infrastructure with powerful API tools. Connect you ERP with suppliers, accounting systems, delivery platforms or e-commerce website
Extending POS functionality is easy when using API. You can either send or get data from POS in secure way. Check our partners section for more use cases: QR menu, mobile ordering, self-service, event monitoring, delivery websites & apps, aggregators, Wi-Fi access etc.
Dine-in order on POS
  • use web, QR code or smart phone and improve user experience, reduce staff costs, prevent fraud with payments online.
  • exchange menu for all sources automatically with POS and get data always up-to-date.
Delivery or takeaway order on POS
  • get orders from aggregators or website directly in POS
  • send feedback notifications for customer when dish is ready and increase customer brand awareness with your own app
Benefits for companies
  • Time saving
    Adding orders manually takes time, creates place for error and stress for staff
  • Transparency and control
    All data is entered in one information system and is analysed within different processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs
    Let you staff serve customers and eliminate manual work, this will make staff happy and they will sell more
ERP data are important both for operational management and accounting, that is why export into accounting and Business intelligence tools exists. Sales, purchases, write-off data can be exported from ERP to external systems. Additionally edoc exchange takes place for ERP - e-orders are exported and e-invoices are imported.
Business data is stored in ERP should be integrated with other system and accessed anywhere from web
  • Sales and purchases data;
  • Write-offs and expenses data;
  • e-orders, e-invoices and e-receipts;
As result staff get precise information eliminating manual work. Use cases: accounting export, e-orders & e-invoices, digital receipts, mobile & web reporting.
Benefits for companies
  • Accounting data
    Imagine your accountant is only checking correctness of data and not adds it manually.
  • Business data
    Create custom dashboard and reporting tools for business control in real time without efforts.
  • Orders & invoices data
    Send orders to suppliers and get invoices electronically signed and stamped - no paper work.
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All-in-One POS & Restaurant Management Software - a comprehensive
solutions that can be tailored to your needs
Payments-as-acquiring-service - complete payment solutions infrastructure and our long-term relationship mindset

Mobile Ordering & Loyalty App - create personalized guest experiences that drive

emotional brand loyalty and repeat sale

Order and pay, the simple way - take control and connect with customers through digital order and pay
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