Horeca can gain value by implementing loyalty, delivery or ecommerce. Horeca is also known for high fraud risk, as there is less option to control staff.
Horeca entrepreneurs faces difficulties in finding both cheap and secure instruments, that can be implemented fast at zero costs, and create sustainable development for future growth. Due to lack of full service, such places usually employ universal staff, that replace several positions. Waiters can receive orders from delivery apps, aggregator or website, process manually to a kitchen, and control work of drivers; chef can work as sous chef and purchase manager etc. This leads to leaks in control, dependance on staff and fraud options on every step. That is the reason owner is usually "inside" business and has less free time and less control while away.
Main Horeca processes
  • 1
    Order creation
    QR menu, small POS, multiple orders streams in one interface, integrated aggregator orders, own website and app for delivery
  • 2
    Transparent stock control
    Instant self-cost control, mobile inventory, write-off on POS, electronic food receipts

  • 3
    Integrated payment terminal, payments on app and website, low commission on payments, online monitor/dashboard for income

  • 4
    "Limited staff" operations
    Realtime staff action control, discounts monitoring, actions journal, flexible rights configuration
  • 5
    Multiple income sources
    Ability to add additional delivery app, website ordering, based on season or expansion
  • 6
    Web office and analytics
    Sales forecast and ABC analytics in cloud office, real time PnL, automatic staff scheduling
Efficiency raised through IT
  • Fast and secure online payment management
  • AI powered sales forecast and staff scheduling
  • Flexible change in configuration
  • Real time visibility and accessibility
  • Outsourcing and external control
Business benefits you get
  • Transparency
    Single order processing pipeline and analytics and real-time order management anywhere, anytime
  • Secure payment management
    Low commission on payments & service subscription, choosing any banking, one solution for POS and e-commerce
  • Fraud prevention
    Transparent sales process, eliminating the tax fraud, event monitoring and flexible delivery system configuration
  • Extra revenue
    Increased customer loyalty and brand awareness, differentiated commission rates and 4 different delivery process management options
Start Horeca automation for food tech
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Automation workflow with Smarttek
  • Fast and transparent operations
    Order creation, preparation or payments and united in one process. Intuitive interface and trusted partner solutions.
  • Advanced and real time control
    All products and managed remotely, integrated into one data structure. Reports are generated automatically and accessible everywhere from you phone or laptop
  • Maintenance and outsourcing
    We employ service engineer and accounting team, that is ready to solve issues, consult, perform technical support for all Smarttek provided solutions daily and on 24/7 basis
  • Your business benefits from IT
    All solutions operate as one, achieving efficient resources division. System works to help you focusing on customers and their happiness while visiting your venue
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