Delivery in food tech
Food delivery process helps business to grow on market. In order to run delivery efficiently, owners must be aware of IT solutions, they can benefit from
Based on the format of the business, you can work in the dine in, takeaway, delivery mode. If you decide that you want to prepare food for takeaway or delivery, it is important to understand your audience: how to build communication with the guest, how guests place an order, and how you will process orders. The choice of IT tools depends on how you organise the delivery process, what turnover and goals you have.
Delivery management processes
  • Full delivery cycle
    Semi-automatic confirmation of orders, call center operators, own or external couriers, orders through the site, calls, application

    Pros: control of each stage, live communication with the client, multiple order sources - single pipeline, quality control and call recording, brand awareness, control of your CRM

    Cons: launch from 2 months, complexity of maintenance, high initial investment

  • Own application on website
    Automatic receipt of POS orders, restaurant processing, external courier service

    Pros: promoting your brand, managing your CRM, direct communication channel, automated upsale, ease of maintenance, low commission

    Cons: launch up to 2 months, high initial investment

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  • Individual solution
    Working with different concepts, receiving orders at POS, own or external courier service, automatic menu management

    Pros: flexibility in order processing, brand awareness, management of your CRM, upsale mechanics, low commission,

    Cons: launch up to 3 months, high initial investment

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  • Work with delivery aggregators
    Simplified work with delivery, processing in the restaurant, external couriers, integration with the POS system (optional)

    Pros: launch in 2 days, ease of maintenance, the ability to integrate with ERP and POS systems

    Cons: high commission, no direct communication and control over CRM, manual menu management

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Delivery efficiency tools
  • Fast and secure online payment management
  • Custom mobile app and website design
  • Built-in customer loyalty programs
  • Push notifications, geo-, SMS or email marketing
  • Integrations with ERP and POS systems
Business benefits you get
  • Transparency
    Single order processing pipeline and analytics and real-time order management anywhere, anytime
  • Secure payment management
    Low commission on payments & service subscription, choosing any banking, one solution for POS and e-commerce
  • Fraud prevention
    Transparent sales process, eliminating the tax fraud, event monitoring and flexible delivery system configuration
  • Extra revenue
    Increased customer loyalty and brand awareness, differentiated commission rates and 4 different delivery process management options
Start delivery automation for food tech
We've prepared a delivery automation start guide for you. You can check it right now!
Sample delivery workflow
Order is created
Use one or multiple sources, payment acceptance from customer
Order accepted
Automatically or within call center and transferred directly to POS
Preparation & delivery
Automated notifications on status changes, order dispatch for courier
Happy customer
Satisfied customer leave feedback, business tracks courier navigations and order process
Delivery automation solutions
Loyalty Plant - stand alone delivery and loyalty mobile application with worldwide experience for growing your customer base
Delivery Full Cycle Management - advanced
solutions that can be tailored to your needs of creating complete delivery solution
Order and pay, the simple way - take control and connect with customers through digital order and pay
eComm website generator - a simple and easy way to get your website online
for creating delivery ordering
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