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Enterprise business usually manage all business processes using IT solutions in order to achieve competitive advantage. The better IT systems are connected between each other, the more benefits for owner and management.
Your cost scheme highly depends on self-cost and ability to react on changes in realtime. Inventory control, discount amount control, purchase prices and menu prices control is vitally important, along with effective management. All data should be imported automatically into system and be available for analytics online. Export of ERP system data to accounting is important, while it saves your time.
Key enterprise business system requirements
  • Control over fixed and variable costs
  • Fraud detection and prevention procedures
  • Automatic resources planning
  • Inventory and self-cost real time control
  • Low commission on payments
  • Transparent processes and staff control options
Your business benefits
  • All-in-one could platform available anytime, anywhere
  • Centralised product purchase and stock control
  • Cost reduction and minimizing waste
  • Real-time analytical data, with ability to export to external systems
  • Availability of a loyalty and incentive program to power sales growth.
System implementation steps
Business research
Initial target analysis and selecting solutions according within income-expense model
System demonstration
Demo scenarios configuration for exact business tasks with benefits projection
Live configuration
Team training, equipment upgrade and implementation support
Project launch
Final review and documentation, feedback collection and future maintenance
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