DSERVE self-service
Reduce pressure during peak hours, save money, and improve customer service with the fastest self-checkout system for restaurants.


Reduce costs with efficient and optimised system for your business - self-checkout system does the job of several employees. Less stress during peak hours and seamless upselling - even serving hundreds of customers, system will upsell your services based on each personal order, increasing your revenue and showing your customers the full range of meals and products. In addition your business will improve customer service - no need to wait before the staff comes to serve guests.
Business benefits you get
  • Sales boosting
    DSERVE self-checkout system works 2-3 times faster than traditional digital kiosks
  • User-friendly and reliable
    User get no upselling popups or distracting notifications, still increasing sales revenue
  • Compact and efficient
    Small tablet screen that doesn’t take up too much space and has better sensitivity to touch
  • Sustainable development
    Your business becomes less dependant on staff and more focused on providing excellent service

A first-class self-service for your customers

You can forget long queues, angry customers, exhausted staff, and low customer returns. An automated system takes customer orders within seconds, allows them to explore more options, and upsells their orders to deliver a wholesome experience.